Materials have inner self-referential lives but as humans we are perhaps most aware of their outer lives, the surface that interfaces with the outside world.  Kaolin has been of interest to me since I started working with clay, and in particular porcelain, of which it is a critical component. The unique properties of kaolin mean it has typically been used mixed with other materials to generate a wide range of novel materials.  I’ve been looking at the nature of pure kaolin aqueous suspensions in interaction with other materials.  I’ve been particularly interested in its sculptural possibilities, and whether the result of these interactions might provide an opportunity to reflect on the nature of the is-ness of the material, and the process of transition from material to object and back again.  Recent experimentation has included:

Kaolin suspended in water, mist-sprayed and dried on polytheneIMG_3737.jpgIMG_3703.jpg


Traces on concreteIMG_3819.jpg


Slurry brushed on to vertical plastic sheet and driedIMG_3659.jpg


Slurry brushed on painted wall and driedIMG_3742.jpgIMG_3740.jpg


Glazed porcelain dipped into slurry, dried and refiredIMG_3494.jpgIMG_3472.jpg


Slurry brushed between pages of book and firedIMG_3605.jpgIMG_3567.jpg


Slurry poured onto paper and driedIMG_3921.jpg


Slurry poured onto kaolin rock and driedIMG_3926.jpg

Slurry poured and screed onto concrete, showing wet and driedIMG_3919.jpg


Slurry screed on concrete – stages of dryingIMG_3937.jpgIMG_3940.jpgIMG_3958.jpg


Traces on concreteIMG_3960.jpg

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