from a limited set of circumstances


I’ve been trialling the drying of aqueous kaolin suspensions for some time, interested in the complexity and outcomes of “simple” material interactions.  The intention is to  create environments where large numbers of similar (micro)-events might occur and leave witness.  Settled on using a fine grade of kaolin sourced locally, at an SG of 2.  This generates sufficient depth of kaolin, in drying, to reveal differential responses to highly local variation in conditions.

80L of suspension was screed over 3m x 4m, at a depth of approx. 6mm and the drying process followed.

Immediately post-screedingIMG_3276.jpg


Overnight and partially dryIMG_3300.jpg


Drying detail IMG_3298.jpg

Dried detail – kaolin has bonded to and lifted paint from floor in places IMG_3377.jpg

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